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Custom Mouth Guards

If you play sports or grind your teeth at night, your dentist may have recommended a custom mouth guard. Especially in the athletic world, mouth guards are a common piece of protective equipment and are sold at any sports store. The same is true for teeth-grinding guards typically sold in medical aisles of a pharmacy. So, why should you get a custom mouth guard when more basic options are available?

Why wear one at all?

Your beautiful smile is a part of you, and oral health is just as important as other types of physical health. When playing sports such as football and basketball, it’s possible that jarring physical contact can occur. If the blow or hit is to the head or face, it can result in a dental injury. Wearing a mouth guard shields you from more serious harm to your teeth and mouth, just as elbow and knee pads shield your body.

Mouth guards aren’t just for athletes. If you’re prone to grinding your teeth while asleep, it can be safer and healthier to wear a guard at night. This can help you avoid jaw pain, headaches, worn down teeth, and more.

Benefits of a custom guard

A custom mouth guard molds to your mouth and your bite. Having a custom guard allows for the perfect fit and maximum comfort for athletic activity or teeth grinding. They’re designed to fit around your teeth, taking into consideration gaps, overlaps, and other unique dental characteristics. Many are even specially designed for the types of impact your sport (or health need) encompasses.

But, why custom? Mouth guards found in stores tend to be bulky and don’t fit your mouth well. Their goal is to merely cover the top teeth or the crowns, the teeth that will take most of the force from an impact. A guard that is designed to work for everyone usually causes difficulty with talking, breathing, and keeping it in, whether during physical activity or while sleeping.

With a custom guard fitted to your own mouth, you can rest assured that your teeth with be protected from possible trauma and still get a comfortable, secure fit. You’ll be able to actively participate in sports without having to worry about an injury or keeping a store-bought guard secure.

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