Dental Concerns

Dr. Roberts Family Dentistry is committed to making healthy teeth and gums easy and convenient for you and your children. Here are some common concerns expressed by patients, and our professional advice for dealing with them:

I have a fear of going to the dentist. What can I do?

You are not alone. Between 9% and 15% of Americans avoid going to the dentist because anxiety or fear. The first thing to do is to talk to your dentist; this is the key to coping with your fear. Take the first step today by giving us a call. We’re proud of our caring and compassionate staff; they’ll take the time to answer all your questions and walk you through some steps to alleviate your fears. Our dental professionals are highly trained to be gentle and caring with each and every patient. We won’t judge you for your fears; we’ll do everything in our power to help you conquer them!

How effective is whitening toothpaste?
Whitening toothpaste, more abrasive than regular toothpaste, contains chemical agents that provide stain removal. While these agents can make a slight difference in discolored teeth, no whitening toothpaste comes close to producing the effects you get through dental office whitening. Dr. Roberts Family Dentistry offers Zoom teeth whitening and bleaching.

What are dental crowns?
Dental crowns are tooth-shaped “caps” that are placed over a prepped tooth. Crowns are needed when a natural tooth has a large amount of decay, a large filling that causes the tooth to be weak, or has had a root canal from the tooth being abscessed.

Why are dental cleanings important?
Regular visit to the dentist are essential for the maintenance of healthy teeth and gums. Exams are done by the dentist at every cleaning appointment to check for oral cancer, tooth decay and abnormalities.

When should I take my child to the dentist?
Children should visit the dentist by their 1st (first) birthday and begin dental cleanings at age 3 (three). Though we don’t begin cleanings until age 3, we highly recommend scheduling visits beginning at age 1 to introduce your child to the experience of visiting the dentist; our staff makes every effort to make these early visits fun and positive, to teach our youngest patients the importance of dental hygiene and take a proactive approach to combat any fears that can develop when children are not exposed to the dentist’s office from a young age.

What causes dry mouth?
Certain medications, smoking, sinus issues and poor oral health cause dry mouth. Treatment includes sugar free gum, drinking plenty of water, regular dental visits,
over-the-counter artificial saliva substitute.

Why do I have bad breath?
Poor dental health, which can be a sign of other health problems, as well as foods and smoking can cause bad breath. Treatment includes regular dental visits and brushing and flossing daily.