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The Importance of a Bi-Annual Dental Check-Up

It’s common knowledge that dental check-ups and cleaning should happen twice a year but why is this so? There are actually several reasons why it’s a good idea to see your dentist at least a couple of times a year. Here are just a few.


Although you brush twice a day, tough tartar builds up and it can’t be removed by brushing alone. A thorough, professional cleaning not only gets the hard-to-reach spaces in your mouth, but also takes care of that plaque and tartar that’s built up since your last appointment.


If you have sensitivity or other symptoms of cavities, let your dentist know so he or she can check that area. Your dentist may be able to detect cavities just by looking at and feeling your teeth and gums as they inspect your mouth. Additionally, generally once a year, your dentist may want to take x-rays of your mouth. These can show early signs of cavities and more so you can get a headstart on treatment. Catching cavities as soon as possible is much preferable to letting the tooth deteriorate.

Gingivitis And Other Diseases

During your checkup, your dentist will check for gum swelling or irritation, which can be signs of the gum disease called gingivitis. He or she will also be checking your tongue, cheeks, throat, and more. Many other illnesses, like diabetes and osteoporosis, can sometimes be detected by oral symptoms that manifest before other signs. Dr. Roberts also performs 2-minute oral cancer screenings at every regular checkup.

Your bi-annual cleaning isn’t just to get a fresher breath and cleaner brushing. There are many things a dentist looks for during your regular check-up, and it’s important to keep up with these appointments twice a year to keep your oral health at its best.  

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