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Kidney Disease and Perio

We have previously discussed the possible link between cardiovascular disease and oral health. More recent research now indicates that there may also be a link between kidney and gum diseases. Though more studies need to be completed, it is no surprise that those with compromised kidney function should pay special attention to their oral health.

People with kidney disease often have a weakened immune system, whether due to the condition itself or the medication prescribed for it, and suffer from other health problems as a result. A weakened or suppressed immune system makes it more difficult to fight off infections that can be brought on by tooth decay or gum disease. If you have kidney disease, it’s even more important to come in regular check-ups and maintain healthy dental habits at home.

Additionally, two common complaints we hear from kidney disease sufferers are bad breath and dry mouth. Both are a result of metabolic problems caused by reduced kidney function but can be controlled with good dental hygiene. To combat bad breath, brush twice daily and floss at least once a day. To reduce the symptoms of dry mouth, follow our 10 tips for dry mouth relief.

Finally, when you come in for a visit, tell us if you have kidney disease and have had a transplant. Be ready to list all drugs you take (whether OTC or prescription) and their doses. The information you provide will be taken into account if you require a prescription before or after any dental procedures.

The trained professionals at Dr. Roberts Family Dentistry are here to work with you to ensure optimum oral health and minimize any discomfort you experience from oral health issues related to kidney disease.

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