Patient Education

Smoothly Transitioning From a Pediatric Dentist To an Adult Dentist

The transition from a pediatric dentist to an adult one can seem like a scary one but it doesn’t have to be. Each type of dentist is trained for their demographic. Neglecting to see the right dentist for you could result in not getting the best dental care.

Pediatric dentists are trained to answer questions and ease the fears of those new to dental exams and visits. Many children even see their pediatric dentist well into their teen years or until about the age of 21 for this reason. While adult and family dentists can provide the same care, pediatric dentists have a more specialized approach to the task because the environment, procedure, and education need to be relaxing and fun for children.

However, adults are used to the teeth-cleaning process and dental care visits; this makes it much easier to convince a grown person to have a cavity filled or a tooth pulled without fear.

General dentists are well-equipped to care for an adult’s permanent teeth. They educate about oral health, clean teeth, and even do or recommend cosmetic changes. They also might be able to diagnose other issues that may be represented by an oral problem. It’s especially important to see a general dentist as an adult if you avoided the dentist as a child.

The best of both worlds is family dentistry, like our office. We provide both types of dentistry and can see anyone aged 3 and up. This allows for an easier scheduling task for parents (everyone can have an appointment on the same day!) as well as easing fears and transitions. By seeing the same dentist from childhood up to adulthood, you’ll have a more personal care; after all, they already know your medical history.

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