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What To Look For In A Toothpaste

You know you have to have toothpaste, and you likely pick up whatever brand looks the best or has the most appealing flavor. But there are actually a few more things to look for in your brushing aide. Consider these things when picking up your next tube of toothpaste.

First, you should determine what you want your toothpaste to do for you and your oral health needs.

If you’re especially interested in fighting cavities, pick a toothpaste with fluoride, which protects your tooth’s enamel from cavity-causing bacteria. Most kinds of toothpaste on the market offer fluoride.

For a brighter smile, there are a few options that whiten your teeth as they clean. These prevent and remove some staining, although they’re not quite as effective as an in-office dental treatment.

If you’re susceptible to infections like gingivitis, a toothpaste with antibacterial properties might be right for you. These can protect your gums from bacterial infections and are a good choice for those who suffer from gum disease.

You may be health-conscious, on a restricted diet, or have moral reasons for looking into an all-natural toothpaste. They contain natural ingredients and are fluoride-free, making them safer, especially for young brushers who might end up swallowing some.

There’s also toothpaste for sensitive teeth. Many people suffer from tooth sensitivity due to a loss of enamel, and a specialty toothpaste can help block some of those pain receivers from fighting you over an especially hot or cold beverage.

One great tip is to choose a toothpaste whose you like. This helps you stay motivated to keep up with your dental routine.

Be sure to check with your dentist about which toothpaste might be best for your needs and which one he or she generally recommends.

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